ETV Scandal: Mbali stopped drinking alcohol so that she could be able to deal with Winnie and Jojo

Mbali has not been okay in the past few days. The reason she wasn’t okay is that Jojo asked Winnie to move in with him and she agreed. Uncle Jakes too did not help her, he just gave her alcohol and she took it because she wanted to forget her problems.

The available alcohol in the house finished, and when Mbali tried to ask for money from her mother she refused and told her that she was starting to behave like uncle Jakes. Mbali thought about it and decided to stop drinking alcohol. Her mother told her that the way she knows her, she was supposed to fight for what’s hers and not give up.

Mbali told her mother that she is planning to do just that.

She thanked her mother for being patient with her even when she was becoming a problem. Her mother told her that it was fine. But now Mbali has to come up with a plan to get her life back in order.