ETV Scandal: Mbali is agreeing with everything too easily, she is definitely up to something

Jojo and Dudu were talking about how they were going move forward with the Mbali situation. Jojo told Dudu that he has to give Mbali half of everything thay he owns because they married in community of property. Dudu suggested that they should give Mbali a car and some money so that she could move on with her life.

Dudu met with Mbali during the day. She told her that she was just delivering a mesaage from Jojo.

She told Mbali that Jojo wanted a divorce.




Mbali agreed to everything. She told Dudu that it seems like Jojo has already made up his mind and that she will respect his decision and sign the divorce papers. Her only condition was that they should give her uncle his job back.

Dudu was amazed about the way Mbali agreed to everything without a fight.