Etv Scandal|| Mbali does not want Winnie to bond with her baby so she wants her to go back home

Mbali was holding the baby but he did not want to stop crying. Winnie offered to help her, Mbali did not want to give her the baby but at the end she gave her. The baby stopped cying as soon as he was in Winnie’s arms.

Mbali called her mother to come and visit them. When she arrived Mbali told her that Winnie needed to go back home because she was boding with Nkazimulo and she was unable to bond with him.While Mbali and her mother were talking, Winnie came with the




baby. Mbali held the baby and it started crying. Winnie told Mbali to give her back the baby so that they could go to the garden, she gave her. Mbali told her mother that Winnie needed to go back home because Nkazimulo prefers Winnie rather than her. Her mother told her that the baby is relaxed when he is with Winnie because Winnie is calm. She continued to tell Mbali that if she learns to stay calm then the baby will no longer cry when he is in her hands.Source: