ETV Scandal: Jojo asked Winnie for full custody of the child but she refused

Jojo was speaking to Dudu and she adviced him that he should secure things for himself and Nkazimulo for the future. Jojo went to his lawyer so that he could have a contract that gives him permission to be Nkazimulo’s sole parent.

When he got home he asked Winnie to sit down with him so that they could talk. He told Winnie to sign the papers so that he could have the rights to Nkazimulo. Winnie told him that if she signed the papers then it would mean that Nkazimulo will no longer going to be her son.

Jojo told her that she will always be Nkazimulo’s mother no matter what. He continued to tell her that he did the contract so that he could be assured that Winnie will not run away from him with the child. Winnie told him that she wouldn’t dare to run away with the child because she cares about him.






Winnie tried to refuse to sign but Jojo told her that she should sign the papers so that both their lives would be easy. Winnie told him that she did not want to be used anymore and that she wouldn’t sign the papers.

Jojo tried to blackmain her but it didn’t work, she was serious about not signing the papers.

She then left him with his papers.