ETV Scandal: Jakes does not want to help Winnie because he is afraid of Mbali

Jakes has been minding his business because he knows that Mbali is capable of anything. When he arrived from work, Petunia told him that Mbali threatened her. Jakes was not surprised.

“Now I am certain that Mbali framed Winnie.” Said Petunia. Jakes asked her why Mbali would frame Winnie. Petunia decided to tell Jakes the truth. She told Jakes that Mbali asked Winnie to help her to get Jojo back but Winnie decided to date with Jojo.



Mbali found out about it and she was not happy. Winnie did not know that Mbali found out that she was dating with Jojo. Mbali framed her so that she would be able to get access to Jojo. Jakes did not believe everything that Petunia told her. She asked Jakes to help her so that they will be able to save Winnie but Jakes refused. Winnie’s friend will help Petunia.