ETV Scandal|| Baby Kubeka has arrived and Jakes knows that Mbali was never pregnant

Winnie ran away from home but the timing was wrong. It was time for her to give birth and she was left alone. When she called her mother, Jakes picked up the phone. She told him what was happening and he told her to go to hospital and they would find her there.

When Mbali, her mother and uncle Jakes arrived at the hospital, Winnie had already gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She was busy playing with him. Mbali asked to hold him and Winnie wanted to refuse but Mbali did not wait for her to answer, she just took him.


She was happy that Jojo would finally get an heir. Winnie was disappointed because she knew that Mbali might not allow her to get close to the baby again. Jakes asked them to explain to him what was happening because he noticed that Mbali was not pregnant.Source: