Estrange Wife To Sue Edwin Sodi for Millions

t seems like the war between controversial businessman Edwin Sodi and the estranged wife Nthateng Lerata is far from over.

The estranged wife who is a former Capricorn FM presenter wants to take Sodi to the cleaners.
-She was expecting R10 million

She has now launched another court battle with Sodi.

The war initially started when she accused Sodi of allegedly attempting to kill her early this year. She said Sodi pointed a gun at her.

Sodi claimed that he found Lerata in a compromising position at Bryanston, but denied the usage of a gun.
She has taken another step by gunning for Sodi’s millions.

This comes after she was promised R20 million after both parties separated coupler year ago.

According to a source, Lerata and Sodi were married back in 2012.

When they got married, they both agreed to be equal partners in their various businesses.

Lerata did several duties which include concluding the agreement and negotiating. She also controlled the company’s spending.

Both partners agreed back then that if they go their separate ways. They will share their assets.

According to a source who is a close associate of both individuals.

Sodi broke the agreement when he left their matrimonial home in 2016.

According to the report, Sodi was supposed to pay Lerata around R20 million.

She was expecting to get R10 million last year.




It will be a tricky affair for Lerata because most of Sodi’s assets have been frozen because of the R250 million tender scandal.

Sodi has also accused Lerata of stealing money and items such as luxurious watches.

The items and money were believed to be on the safe.

According to a source back in 2012, both families agreed to R30 000 lobola. However, Sodi’s family only paid R3000.

They then promised to pay the rest later on

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