“Enjoy Your Miserable Life”, Kelly Khumalo Responds To One Of Her Haters, See Here

Now, Kelly has had a lot to say about how people have been reacting when it comes to her and this time around, she decided to entertain them.

She recently posted a video about an airline that, supposedly had poor service, she missed her flight and she made a big deal out of that.

So, she did what anyone else would have done, she vented out and posted the video, it is not clear what she was hoping to get out of that.

But what ended up happening is that, people mentioned that they do not care about what she is angry about and it was clear in the comments, no one said anything about the airline.

People just saw an opportunity to bash Kelly as they usually do and that was it because as it is, there are over a thousand comments for that video alone.








One person mentioned that this is karma because Kelly goes to sleep every night, knowing the truth about the death of Senzo Meyiwa and he went on to mention that it serves her right.

There was zero sympathy and one could tell that there were hundreds of comments similar to that one.

Now, Kelly did not ignore that comment, she did what most people who are angry and hurt would do, she responded by saying that she is on SAA, so the person can enjoy his miserable life.

And later on, she talked about the negativity from people in a different video, she kind of admitted that the comments got to her.

And if one noticed, she turned off the comments on TikTok and this goes to show that she has been tolerating everything that was being said about her, but things have gotten out of control.

From now on, people will only watch the singer’s videos, they will not be able to say anything about the videos, which is unfortunate because it was interesting seeing all the different views from people.

But it was probably necessary for Kelly to block out all the negativity and it seems like she needed to respond to a few of the haters before she turned off the comments.

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