Enhle might be in trouble after Dineo Ranaka revealed this on social media unaware she was live

Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa (born 3 March 1988), is a South African actress, TV presenter and fashion designer. She is known for her breakthrough role on the South African Television Series, Tshisa. She launched the maternity wear range SE Preggoz in South Africa and New York in 2015. Mlotshwa landed her first role on the South African series Mtunzini.com which aired on the South African National Broadcasting Corporation from 2006 – 2009. Her breakthrough role was on the South African television series, Tshisa. Mlotshwa has since been cast on numerous South African television soapies and drama series including the telenovela iNkaba, Moferefere Lenyalong, Soul City, Sokhulu and Partners, Rhythm City, Rockville, and 7de Laan.

Dineo Ranaka (born 16 December 1983) is a South African radio personality, television presenter, actress, DJ and TV producer. As radio presenter, she worked for several radio stations; 5fm, Yfm, Highveld Stereo, Metro FM, and Cliff Central, co-hosted Essential Rush, The Bridge, and Metro fm Top 40.



She gannerd local attention after her show Dineo Live on Drive. She made her on-screen debut on Club 808. Dineo also made appearances television series and shows includes; Scandal, Gaz’lam, Yim’lo, Dineo’s Diary,and Gomora. Ranaka also starred on feature film includes Baby Mamas.

Dineo and Enhle have something in common they both separated with their partners after they were allegedly abused by them. Enhle ones made accusations that Black Coffee manhandled her Dineo also made claims that her husband also abused her. So in most cases when women gather in one place they normally like to talk about their problems.

Which is what Dineo and Enhle were doing. Enhle went live on social media while she was in an interview with Dineo Ranaka but when they were done with the interview Enhle forget to switch of the phone, so the conversation continued and Dineo Ranaka was heard saying her ex husband won’t get a cent from her, she also mentioned that the was a point where he beat her up while she was holding their baby in her arms when they were still married. It is alleged that Dineo Ranaka is still married because her husband wants half of her things. But now it’s no longer a secret the guy probably now know that he won’t get anything from Dineo.