Enhle Mbali finally reveals the actual amount her baby daddy & ex-husband

This issue has been quiet for some time now, and some people seem to be still interested in knowing every bit about how much the Grammy-award winner DJ, Black Coffee is paying her baby mama, actress Enhle Mbali every month for child support!


Over the years, Enhle Mbali has made many headlines with her private life, from cheating allegations to maintenance woes. Against the headlines, she is trending after revealing how much Black Coffee allegedly pays for maintenance on Instagram.Her maintenance woes with Black Coffee have undoubtedly thrust the power couple into the top trends for the wrong reasons.

Against their fallout, Enhle Mbali dragged the Grammy award-winning star to the courts for maintenance. The bubbly influencer and actress reportedly demanded over R100 000 maintenance, but the courts declined her request.However, over the years, Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots on the maintenance fee the courts settled for. Seemingly, Enhle Mbali has finally let the cat out of the bag.

Replying to a follower on Instagram, she made it known that the muso is paying R50 000 for child maintenance. However, her response has since left Mzansi confused about whether she was jokingly responding or being honest.In 2021, during an X rant, it was revealed that Black Coffee was paying a whooping R65 000 for child maintenance.

Enhle Mbali’s post has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped, with Mzansi sharing their two cents. Black Coffee has yet to address the daring post that has seen him trending. Mzansi flooded X, formerly Twitter, with their two cents.@Moyo408817282 commented: “That’s why I don’t want any baby mama drama in my life. R50K is too much; she will not work for her whole life, and she will be partying with my child’s money. Never.”

@Lethabo4991 posted: “Lapho thina sithola R600 for three kids. This life no balance.”