Ended in tears for Terry Pheto after high court ordered SIU to freeze her properties


The South African actress Terry Pheto is having the difficult times of her life after the high court has given the SIU authority to freeze her properties, after she was linked onto property fraud.



Pheto is famous for her role in the movie called Tsotsi which won huge awards in the world after the content that impressed many people, she was working together with Presley Chweneyakgae on that movie.

Some of her properties that we’re frozen are BMW and 2 ocean Basket restaurants which were generating a lot of income for her.

It looks like Pheto has to come up with a plan so that she can make a living because she won’t get any money from the business that was helping her to put bread on the table.

These are the things that people should avoid when they are getting into business so that they cannot lose their money.