Ended in tears for Pretty on SkeemSaam after Khwezi causes serious injuries to Lehasa, see details


Lehasa Maphosa is now fighting for his life at the hospital after he was seriously stabbed in the chest by Khwezi last night, after finding Pretty and Lehasa having good times in the house, and the lady of the house didn’t waste any time but to teach these two a huge lesson.



But Pretty is one that ended in a big mess because Khwezi has framed her from trying to kill her and Lehasa, which is something that Petersen will have to look at in the coming days because it was too hard for him to arrest Pretty knowing what kind of a person she is.

But it will be a hectic week for the two because they will be trying to prove their innocence, but the only person that can save Pretty from this, it’s only Lehasa because he knows very well about what happened in that house.