END OF THE ROAD: Popular TV show comes to an end

All good comes to an end, viewers of popular show on Showmax will have to brace themselves as they bid farewell to this show that they have got used to.

Fridays will no longer be the same as viewers had got so much used to watching their favourite show.


If you loved drama then you will agree with me that The Real Housewives of Durban season two has been the leading and best drama show. We saw so much drama between the wives most particularly the drama between Nonku Williams and other wives. In season one, Williams made headlines for troubling Ayanda Ncwane but in season two, she was the one who at the receiving end and got trolled.

The drama that made headlines too was between former President Jacob Zuma’s ex wife and baby mama, Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco and the businesswoman and TV star, Thobile “MaKhumalo” Khumalo.

LaConco almost in each and every episode she trolled MaKhumalo and frankly she got slammed a lot on social media. People even accused her of being jealous at MaKhumalo. I mean like every chance that she got, LaConco made she to drag MaKhumalo. At some point she even said that contrary to popular belief, MaKhumalo is not kind, she is just the opposite.

Yet people did not believe a word from LaConco as she was the one being very rude and had a nasty attitude towards MaKhumalo. Every chance she got, she made sure to diss MaKhumalo. Even MaKhumalo herself also stated that her crime is having a good polygamous marriage while LaConco’s marriage with Msholozi did not work out.

Well, apart from the drama, we saw the elegance and entertainment which super good. Each and every episode did not cease to amaze viewers.

Sadly, the episode on Friday, the 15th April will be thr last one as it will be season 2 finale.