Emtee Signed Artist Escapes A Near Death Car Accident





Xhosa rap artist Lolli Native who has identified his music as Xhosa Trap with his alias being “Skhokho Sase Nyanga” which loosely translate to “Nyanga East Top-Dog.”

An accident involving Lolli Native and several of his pals occurred, and Lolli Native gets signed to the record company owned by Emtee. The King of Traps thanked whoever was responsible for ensuring that his signee did not perish.

There is a very fine line that separates life from death… Lolli posted a photo that showed the damage done to the automobile following the collision with the phrase “Sibulela umdali we made it out Alive.” Another passenger in the vehicle who was there at the time of the collision stated that he saw his entire life flash before his eyes, but he managed to walk away from the collision with just minor injuries.

“My whole being of existence flashed before my eyes at 11:30 last night, I escaped with minor injuries and a huge inconvenience. God didn’t Fold!!”