Elizabeth Wants Mr Kganyago Gone From Her Private Space But See What Jacobeth Going To Do

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Lizzy was really upset to see Mr Kganyago entering the entryway with his sacks. Lizzy made it clear to her mom that Mr Kganyago shouldn’t move in with them . Lizzy said that she appreciates her mom’s conversation.






They needed to arrange some food and have a good time yet Mr Kganyago thumped on the entryway and moved in. Mr Kganyago requested an exhortation from Mr John Maputla and he concurred that he ought to move in with Jacobeth. This isn’t great in any way.

I can see that Lizzy will be giving Mr Kganyago a great deal of terrible disposition in the house. Jacobeth has made an enormous stride by letting a man she has hardly any familiarity with to move in to her home. Jacobeth ought to watch him intently yet I question on the off chance that it will happen in light of the fact that she is head over heels.

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