EFF’s Khoza Says He Can’t Forgive Queen Elizabeth Even In Her Death

Khoza has stated that he is unable to forgive the Queen for the suffering that was inflicted upon Africans during the time of colonialism while she was in power. He told the story of how they were received in eThekwini during Queen Elizabeth’s visit there for a meeting of heads of government from the Commonwealth.

The red beret provincial secretary claimed that during the visit of the Queen of England to South Africa, even the security of former President Thabo Mbeki was relegated to a lower priority, as if it didn’t matter. It would appear that the passing of Queen Elizabeth has reopened many old wounds for the African people who held the belief that she ought to have expressed regret for the colonialism that occurred during her reign.

“I had the honor of meeting Queen Elizabeth II in 1999 in Durban, South Africa, at the CHOGM (Common Wealth Heads of Government Meeting). At the time, I worked as the Manager in the office of the Mayor of eThekwini. To this day, I am unable to forgive her for the suffering that was inflicted upon Africans as a result of colonialism that she oversaw.



When she was in Durban, her British army, soldiers, and royal security took over Durban. Even President Thabo Mbeki’s security was relegated to the periphery because the “Queen” was in town. Not to mention the South African Police Service, those were merely security guards, during her time there “Vusi Khoza said.

Economic Freedom Fighters have also issued a statement saying that they do not mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth because it serves as a reminder of the ways in which Africans were exploited and their resources were used to enrich Britain. The EFF said in their statement that they do not mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth because of this fact.

The red berets asserted that the British royal family profited from the plight of Africans, but Queen Elizabeth never admitted responsibility for or apologized for the atrocities committed against Africans in the past.

In a statement, the EFF stated that “Elizabeth Windsor, during her lifetime, never acknowledged these crimes that Britain and her family in particular perpetrated across the globe.” In fact, “Elizabeth Windsor was a proud flag bearer of these atrocities during her reign,” the statement read.