EFF Julius Malema was seen slaying with all black this morning, while other families are hungry

Julius Malema didn’t miss a chance in to slaying his outfit. He was seen on a ceremony wearing all black suits. It looked like the suit was truly expensive for him to wear. This shows that he still have lot of money in his beg. After the picture was posted most people noticed that he was gaining weight.

Malema looks very happy at this moment and even his weight ang complexion shows. People loved to see him in a different outfit and enjoying his life also. Even though other people were not happy that he is enjoying his life while other people are sleeping at home hungry.


People who made him who he is today are not happy. He made lot of promise to people but he couldn’t keep them. Now he is looking all handsome while people are waiting for him. Families need food, houses and also jobs but no one cares about that. His suite price can support more than 10 families.

This is not a good thing, people do not mean that he is not supposed to look smart. But he must also try to help people atleast. There are many politicians who do this, but when they get money they buy themselves expensive clothes. People on Twitter couldn’t keep quiet about the picture.

But Julius Malema didn’t mind them at all and he was happy that he shared the picture. People need to try to make peace with other things. All politicians do make promises but they can not fulfill them. They do not even apologize to people for not helping them.

South Africa will be a better country one day. And people need to be patient the change will happen. For now they need to let Malema enjoy his money and celebrate being alive in this world.