Edwin Sodi Finally set the record straight:”I only met Minnie Dlamini Once and this happened”

Finally the day we have all been waiting for has finally come, Edwin Sodi who has been trending for the past days has finally come forward to set the record straight after being accused of dating Minnie Dlamini and being the reason why Minnie’s marriage failed . Sodi has now come forward to say that he has never dated Minnie or even sat with her for long.

According to Sodi, he only met her once and that was it . Mzansi seems to be not sure as to whether he is lying or telling the truth . There are those who are saying he can still have fun with her even though he doesn’t date her so to them it’s same thing. Minnie also denied the allegations saying that she and her ex husband broke things off due to their personal issue. Others believes that Minnie had fallen out of love and what she came looking for was no longer there hence she opted out.


Mr Jones hasn’t said anything in all this , I believe he is not even on social media as we have tried to search him to see if he has posted anything on his account or Instagram. It also seems spotlight ain’t his things . Minnie also regained her inner self esteem after the divorce and she was seen many times celebrating her divorce by changing things in her home as well as painting her house as a way of starting over .

Edwin Sodi is also known of being a player who has dated only celebrities. According to reports, Edwin only dates people who can maintain him financially as well as in business , people who will bring in tenders to him and making sure he succeeds in securing the bag. Looks like he is a gold digger after all. Some days he is too ugly to even date celebrities as he doesn’t fit into their profile.

All this seems confusing anyway. Please let us know what do you think Sodi’s plans are in all the things he is doing for dating women who are hugely financially stable in their lives .