Easy Ultra Ponytail for Long Hair 2019

Isn’t it amazing how hairstyle designers always come up with such fresh and different ponytail hairstyles for long hair!  Who knew there were so many new ways to create a braid – never mind the glorious colors and fantastic balayage patterns around right now.  It’s been hard work selecting just 10 for today’s ponytail hairstyles for parties inspiration gallery.  But I know you’re going to love every one of ’em!

The perfect party hairstyle should be comfortable to wear, flattering to your skin-tone and sufficiently eye-catching to get you noticed, without you having to do anything at all.  And this totally new, braid technique is the season’s leading look in fancy braid stakes!  Thank heaven for photos, ‘cos if I had to explain this fabulous twist braid in words – it would be difficult!  The super-trendy ash-blonde color is perfect for displaying the lovely light and dark texture in this world-beating ponytail for long hair!

Soft copper with blonde balayage ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Fashionable, fresh and feminine all describe this innovative ponytail for long hair!  And I haven’t even touched on the beautifully soft, copper color.  The talented colorist has blended several shades of blonde and copper, to highlight the fabulous mix of 4 different textures.  Defined sides part to reveal 3-D color depth and that lovely French twist at the back is amazing.  This is a style you can wear for any occasion, too! I’ve heard about ‘orange’ being ‘the new black’, but right now – ‘orange’ is definitely the new, ‘blonde’!

Stunning ash-blonde braid ponytail hairstyles for long hair

If you want to make an unforgettable entrance to your next party date – this is the style for you! It looks simple, but on closer inspection you see that the braid is triple-linked. There’s an ultra-modern, sci-fi vibe to this stunning, ash-blonde, braid ponytail that’s effortlessly elegant. The basic shape is a half-mohawk, with the braid creating flattering height at the crown. With taupe adding a soft contrast at the roots, and a balayage-ombré in beige-ash-blonde, the 4 fantastic textures are beautifully displayed. This show-stopper will get you plenty of admiring glances!

Super-cool stylish copper-beige flat textured braid


Dressed up with a classy felt hat, this imaginative use of braiding and color is another show-stopping ponytail for long hair.  Although this ponytail braid hairstyle is modelled as a casual, everyday look, it’s not something most of us could do at home!  So you’ll need an expert to copy the intricate fish-braid, bordered by curvy, ‘pulled-out’ links that make this a very special style.  The colors are totally trendy, with deep copper balayage fading gently to a beige-coppery blonde ombré – the color of hazel-nuts!  Great for a semi-formal bridal style or any social occasion where it won’t be too warm to wear this gorgeous, thick braid.


Sophisticated half-up braid hairstyle with blonde ombré


The is a souped-up version of the ‘village maiden’ circlet braid that looks so sweet on teens.   And it’s amazing what this stylist and colorist have done to give it a thoroughly modern twist!  Flat-weave braids are very trendy again this year, and pulled-out links make lovely color and texture patterns!  The basic hair color is dark-blonde/mousey-brown, which looks fabulous with the multi-shade, balayage-ombré adding a lively look.  The main blonde shade is a fashionable, neutral golden shade, with darker blonde lowlights.


Super-trendy boho vintage black & white braids


How about this black and white braided style for showing off your lovely long locks!  It’s got a vintage vibe and would make a super, bridal hairstyle for an informal wedding or beach ceremony! Two head braids move down to a V-shape just above the nape, where a dark hair strand covers the ponytail fastener.  The ponytail is divided into two smaller braids that decorate the loosely draped hair.  The symmetrical braids make a lovely pattern and there are lots of interesting textures and movement for special occasions or summer-casual!