“Dying for content” – Natasha Thahane holding her breath for a picture

Natasha Thahane shares a picture of herself and asks her fans if they could tell that she is holding her breath for the picture. Natasha Thahane said that content will be the death of them.


Celebrities and influencers love their pictures to be perfect and for the content to look appealing. However Natasha Thahane shares that in order for her picture to come great, she had to hold her breath which will probably hold her stomach in. Fans in the comments section said that she is beautiful, some said that they could notice that she is holding her breath just a little. Others didn’t even notice. Another fan said that dying for content is way better than dying in Turkey, this is where most surgeries happen. However Natasha Thahane just recently became a mom so her body will still go through changes.

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