Durben Gen: Lindelani and Lwandle Are Bleeding | Here’s What’s Going To Happen On The Next Episode |

It looks like Matron Nkabinde has no time for chilling, the nurses can agree that sister Nkabinde is more kind and friendly than Matrom Nkabinde. The nurses feel betrayed, they thought Nkabinde would be lenient and understanding since they used to go out together. Mbali is happy about/with her involvement in the surgery, she is hoping to be chosen again next time.

Lindelani and his daughter were looking for his phone, when they got into a car accident. The husband of three wives is still faking his condition, he wants to also fake his death. All the wives believes that their husband is really in Coma, the youngest wife wants their husband to go to her home, she believes he will wake up from Coma. The husband is surprised by how caring his youngest wife is and the fact that his first wife wanted to switch the coma machines off.





The nurses are surprised to see Sne spending time with Matron, they thought she was on their side. Calvin decided to ask the wives their opinions on switching off the machines, the first and second wife wants to machines to be switched off. The youngest is still sticking to taking care of her husband, she does not want the the nurse to switch off the machine.

It looks like Sne might be chilling with Matron because she does not want Matron to give her difficult work. On the next episode, Nkabinde is increasing the work. The nurses are in for a very hectic ride, Nkabinde is clearly enjoying her job. Lwamdle is fighting for her life, Lindelani does not want intern to perform any surgery on her daughter, he wants doctors.

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