#DurbanGen it will end in tears for Sne look what Dr Dlomo did infront of her mother

Durban Gen is a South African medical drama telenovela. It is an e.tv original production produced by Stained Glass TV Production, commissioned and distributed by e.tv. The medical drama is based in Durban and reflects on the struggles of the doctors and nurses in their daily lives at Durban General Hospital. As of August 5, 2021 the show moved to eVOD with repeats being broadcast on the channel.

When they talk about never judge a book by its cover they are talking about people like doctors atke Dr Dlomo. In front of the Durban Hospital Staff Dr Dlomo is seen as one of the sweetest man and they consider Sne as one of the luckiest woman on Earth because of everything that doctors do dor Sne and the treatment.


First when doctors Dlomo came back to the hospital she didn’t like him because he would call him arrogant she would say that Doctor Dlomo is one of the most selfish and arrogant people she has ever met. But people were in shock when they found out that they are actually sitting in and they were expecting a baby, and later heard that they are getting married.

As much as people are excited that Sne and Dr Dlomo arr getting married and they are a happy couple things are not like that. Things have drastically for them to the point that she fears for her life. On today’s episodes Dr Dlomo slapped Sne on the face in front of her mother leaving them in shock, only because she was late.

People are worried that now that he is slapping her before the wedding what will happen if he finds out that the child Ane is caring is not his does this mean he will continue to abuse her or things will get even worse than it is now.

By the look of things Dr Dlomo it looks like Dr Dlomo suffers from anger management. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens on the next episodes with Sne be happy in this marriage will the baby survive, will they be happy or will things chang will just have to see what happens next.