DurbanGen: Fans heartbroken over what happened to Sne

Fans heartbroken over what happened to Sne

This has been an incredibly painful and tragic storyline. At the same time it is a reality for so many woman. The storyline is educational to many women who are in similar situation in reality.

Dr Dhlomo is one of the actors that is hated for what he does on screen. But that doesn’t change the fact that he is a good actor. He is killing his part.


What happened to Sne is painful to watch. I wonder how Sne’s mother will feel because Sne cried to her mother but she never supported her. She was ready to leave Dhlomo but her mother convinced her to go back. She encouraged her to stay with an abusive man.

This is going to be hard for Sne especially when she finds out that her friend is pregnant. She is going to blame herself for not protecting the baby.

Abusive man do not change, the more you stay the more the abuse increases. This was just a sad episode for many. Losing a child because of gender based violence can never be easy. Woman should learn to walk away from abusive marriages nomatter what.