Durban Gen – There is trouble in paradise

There’s a pattern to Durban Gen hospital’s infamous womaniser surgeon Lindelani’s (Mike Ndlangamandla) dating history. At the start of the romance, he showers his love with attention and gifts. He’s overly flirty, and after she falls for him and they have sex, he drops her like a bad habit.

It’s happened so many times that his latest conquest paramedic Thembi (Sibongokuhle Nkosi) should’ve seen his tricks coming from a mile away.

Alas, she was blinded by love. “Thembi thought that she hit it off with Lindelani. He recently invited her to his home, where they shared a meal and stories about their childhood, but it was just a game as Lindelani feels nothing for Thembi,” explains Sibongokuhle.




Lindelani has resorted to ignoring Thembi’s calls this fortnight, leaving her confused. She barges into Lindelani’s apartment to confront him about using her only to find a surprise: He’s already moved on.

“Thembi is shattered,” reveals Sibongokuhle, whose character goes to drastic measures thanks to her heartbreak and she sets out to kill Lindelani.

There’s chaos after Thembi walks into Lindelani’s home. She starts yelling at him and his date.

Thembi didn’t expect Lindelani to deceive her because she thought that they shared a connection, but she was just another fling to him. To Thembi’s amazement, he isn’t remorseful.

According to Lindelani, they weren’t in an exclusive relationship, and he doesn’t owe her any loyalty. As he puts it, they were just friends with benefits.

Lindelani kicks Thembi out, but she’s already planning revenge. The next morning, Thembi wakes up with pain and fury in her heart.

Considering that it’s her day off from work, she should stay home and come to terms with her agony and humiliation, but she has other plans. Thembi goes to the hospital, gets into the ambulance, waits for Lindelani at the parking lot and when she sees him, she runs him over. Lindelani falls to the ground and Thembi takes off.

Source: TVSA