Durban Gen: Someone Died In The Hands Of Mbali | Matron Went To See The Sangoma |

Matron Nkabinde thinks she is in love but the truth is nothing close to that. Prior to Matron apparently falling in love, Sne caught Jon pouring something in Matron’s tea. She was confused by the fact that Jon was making tea for Matron but she minded her business. Few days later, she noticed that Matron is gravitating towards Jon. She wanted to let Matron know what she saw but she figured maybe Matron needs to be in love.





The sudden love between Matron and John started getting serious, Sne decided to let Matron know what she saw. Matron did not believe her, she thinks people are jealous of her. Sne and Phumeza set Matron up, they wanted her to meet a Sangoma. On tonight’s episode, we will see how that will play out. Mbali was given a simple surgery, to perform on a well known singer. She did not get enough rest, she was not focused during surgery. Someone died in the hands of Mbali, she will be facing the consequences.

Superintendent Qwabe went to Cuba for a few days, she appointed Sne’s husband as the acting Superintendent while she is away. What Mbali did is very bad for the hospital’s reputation, the news got to Qwabe. She is coming back from Cuba, she can not believe how things went south so quick. The patient’s parents are very upset, they want answers. Bhengu is with another girl, money does really drive him crazy. He has been paying for everyone at Shisanyama, it is clear that he has a lot of money.

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