Durban Gen – Skhumbuzo’s secrets start coming out but is he the Ash tray serial killer?

Although Skhu is being investigated for murder, Zandile decides to stay by his side to support him – and that gets Skhu feeling safe enough to reveal his secret past.


He realises that he really can trust her, and this is why he decides to share something with her.

He tells her about how he was abused and molested, and that even though he was motivated by other men who went through the same.

He never found the courage to speak up as a victim because he feels that people don’t take a man being molested or abused as seriously as they should.

Was that experience enough to turn him into a serial killer? At least Zandile takes his confession seriously and after opening up to her, maybe Skhu will open other doors too and show Zandile more of who he is.

Source: TV Plus (South Africa) Thu, 3 Nov 2022