Durban Gen – Phumeza’s character grows

Durban Gen’s weekday première slot is on pause until the new year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up on the repeats.

And it’s a telenovela worth watching because the storylines aren’t just dramatic, they are so relatable. Like that of matron Phumeza (Tsidi Makitle).



She’s had to grow so much in 2022. She’s the Durban Gen hospital matron. She’s a mom of two children. Her responsibilities have changed because she now has to take care of her family.

This year ended on a low for the healthcare professional when her husband died, leaving her a single mom. She lost her best friend and the man she’s made a family with.

It’s not a nice thing but that’s life for so many people in South Africa. She’s got so much pressure at work, now she’s getting it at home as well. This year has been tough for her.

But Phumeza isn’t the type of person to take things lying down and she has taken on her 2022 lows and tried to turn them into positives and highs.

You only live once. She’s fearless and she’s accepted her husband’s death. It’s hard on her but she’s not going to let it destroy her. She’s facing her fears and she’s taking back control of her life.

Phumeza is going to find herself in all-new situations that she’s not had to experience before. She’s a straight talker – what you see is what you get. Her honesty doesn’t always sit well with people but that is something I love about her. She’s a real person to me.

TV Plus (South Africa) Mon, 12 Dec 2022