Durban Gen: Lwandle’s Blood Dropped During Surgery | Lindelani Does Not Trust Thabo |

Lindelani and his daughter got into a car accident, Lwandle’s condition is more severe because she was not wearing her seat belt. Lindelani blames himself for what happened, he does not want to lose his daughter. Lwandle is about to do surgery, she needs doctors that will save her life. Qwabe asked Thabo to do the surgery, Thabo was very hesitant but he eventually agreed.

Lindelani does not want Thabo to do Lwandle’s surgery because he does not trust him, he lost his baby mama during a surgery that was done by Thabo. Thabo reassured Lindelani about the surgery, he told him he has changed. Lindelani is still having doubts, he wanted someone else to do the surgery. Mbali cares about Lwandle, which is why Thabo did not allow her to scrub in with him.




Matron is busy with John, it looks like whatever John poured in Matron’s tea is working like magic. Matron is spending more time with John, that raises some suspicions to the nurses. It looks like Matron might be in love, Sne knows how. Thabo and the interns are ready to do Lwandle’s surgery, they started it of with a prayer.

The surgery started well but Lwandle’s blood dropped, Thabo was still trying to figure out what is causing that when Lindelani started shouting “what’s happening”. Bangu does not look prepared for the test, Zondo does look prepared. Lwandle’s surgery might be a success, what do you think? On the next episode, Bangu’s name is on the wall. It looks like Bangu was probably prepared or something is going on.

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