Dumi Mkokstad’s wife has given birth. See pictures.

The famous celebrity doctor, Ziphozenkosi Mkokstad, the wife of the famous gospel artist, Dumi Mkokstad, has finally given birth to their little one. The past 2 months her belly was very huge and people kept on wondering when she is giving birth, some even assumed that she had already given birth but was hiding it from the media.

On the 25th of May 2022, last week Friday, Ziphozenkosi gave birth to their last born daughter whose name has not yet been exposed on the media. She shared on how excited they are to finally have her around even though they have sleepless nights lately because she cries a lot. She has shared a picture on Instagram of how grateful she is for their nemp;resize=720″ /So much has not been posted or said of their social media platforms apart from the moments Ziphozenkosi gets to share with her new found love. The below pictures are pictures of her daughter’s toes of which she find to be very cute and cannot stop kissing them. The other picture is a picture of their baby in the sleeping matching which assists her a lot with their sleeping patterns.





Having a newborn baby in the house is the cutest and most beautiful moment families get to experience when one of them family members has brought a gift into the world. The Mkokstad family must be very excited to be having the newborn baby in their house, hearing her cry for the first time and holding her in their hands. The house just automatically becomes filled with so much love and warmth.