Dumi Mkokstad and his wife Ziphozenkosi are celebrating a joyous to their family.

Dumi Mkokstad, known for his soul-stirring gospel music, has captured the hearts of many with his powerful lyrics and melodious voice. His music has been a source of inspiration and comfort for countless listeners, and now, his family is experiencing a different kind of bliss.


The arrival of their son is undoubtedly a moment of great significance for Dumi and Ziphozenkosi, as they embark on the journey of parenthood. This new addition to their family is a testament to the blessings that have graced their lives.

As fans and well-wishers shower the couple with congratulatory messages, it’s clear that Dumi Mkokstad’s music isn’t the only thing touching people’s hearts. The birth of their son is a reminder of the beauty and miracles that life brings, and it’s a cause for celebration not only for the couple but for all those who have followed Dumi’s inspirational journey.