Dudu Zuma’s Ex-Husband Faces Eviction As He Struggles To Pay R3 Million Rent

This comes after Sambudla and his company were taken to the Johannesburg High Court by Little River Trading, who claims that Impuma group, a company owned by Duduzile Zuma-ex-husband, Sambudla’s had not paid their monthly rent for a number of months.

Lonwabo Sambudla is rumored to be a multimillionaire who amassed his fortune through government contracts, and during their divorce procedures, Duduzile Zuma disclosed that he owned a number of luxurious vehicles and other assets.

Social critics like ridiculing Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla, claiming that her ex-husband appears to be struggling since the taps were shut off. The truth is, however, that Duduzile Zuma-Sambudla has been divorced from Lonwabo for quite some time and hence cannot be held responsible for his inability to pay his monthly rent.

Duduzile Zuma is implicated in this case because she has been outspoken in her belief that her father generated more black billionaires than any previous president, including her ex-husband who is claimed to have amassed his fortune through the tender system.




However, Zuma has not replied to her ex-removal husband’s from his Sandton offices. Not only is Sambudla hurting financially, but so are the majority of ANC comrades, including the workers at the party’s headquarters.

ANC employees are picketing in front of Luthuli House due to unpaid wages and a perceived lack of contractual obligations on the part of their employer. Workers were saw holding signs with various messages. Among the messages is “how can we work while we are hungry?”

Some said that the current ANC leadership cares the least about the welfare of their employees. Others have indicated that they require their pay immediately.