Drama As Locks Tenants’ Gate With Live Snake They Didn’t Want To Pay Rent.


Disgruntled Landlord Locks Tenants’ Gate With Live Snake Over Rent Arrears-iHarare

In a bizarre development, a landlord from Kenya is alleged to have used a live snake to lock his tenant’s gate over rent arrears.

Samuel Kioko, who resides in the Kunda Kindu area of Kitui made headlines after it emerged that he kept his tenants out of his property by locking the gate to the house with a snake.



The incident first came to light after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko posted the image of the gate on his Facebook page.

An average-sized green snake can be seen wrapped around the lock of the gate in the picture which has since gone viral.

Sonko went on to reveal that Kioko resorted to wrapping the snake around the lock after his tenants failed to clear September and October rent arrears.


Kioko is alleged to have placed the snake on the door after the tenants went to work one morning.

In other news, iAfrica24 reported that a 71-year-old Plumtree woman laced a bucket of water with poison at a funeral.

10 people were hospitalised and discharged after complaining of stomach pains following the consumption of the water.

In a statement, the Zimbabwe Republic police wrote:

Police in Madlambuzi are investigating a case of attempted murder which occurred at Luvuluma Village on 07/11/21 at 1730 hours. A 71 year old woman is suspected to have laced a bucket of water with an unidentified substance at a funeral.

10 unsuspecting mourners drank the water which was in the kitchen and subsequently complained of stomach pain and painful throats. The victims were referred to Plumtree District Hospital where they were treated and discharged.

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