Dr. Zondo from Durban Gen age, children, TV shows

Fanele Ntuli is an actress, presenter and YouTuber famous for her role in Uzalo as Mandisa and currently playing Dr. Zondo in the drama series, Durban Gen.

Making boss moves, she is taking soapville by storm and wowing viewers every time she appears. Her confidence is one of the attributes that makes her stand out.






The 31-year-old actress is just at the beginning of her career, but she is already gaining a lot of fans. If it’s the energy she exudes, then we’re absolutely here for it.

Her breakout role in Uzalo as Mandisa introduces her to soapville and she takes the opportunity to make a lasting impression. she is not a real medical student.

The actress never shies away from the camera. She takes every opportunity she has to strike a pose and rocks the whole time. There is no doubt that she is a master at her craft and is growing.

Her YouTube channel, acting roles and introductory shows are making a lot of money.