Dr Winnie Mashaba: Be mindful of the decisions you are taking.

“Be mindful of the decisions you are taking. More especially when you have all freedom in your hands. Be greedy about who’s in and out of your circle ⭕️ whenever you see any red flag 🚩 make sure you do not nurse it. It might be the end of you.” This was posted by Dr Winnie Mashaba on her Facebook account, I think that she was highlighting that decisions are important in life and we should choose wisely so that we are happy and we cut out any negative things in our lives that might hinder our growth.


She further said the following on her Facebook account:

“Remember to always be happy no matter what! While you are busy beating yourself up people are having time of their lives out there.” I found this profound, we often leave our lives for other people, what they think, if they are okay to a point where we forget about ourselves.

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Source credit: Facebook