Dr Winnie Mashaba: Appreciation Post to Pleasure tsa Manyalo

“Appreciation Post.” This was posted by the much loved Dr Winnie Mashaba as she celebrated a fellow celebrity Pleasure tsa Manyalo.

She also acknowledged Pleasure tsa Manyalo’s management team and hers fir the great work that they have done to ensure that their careers are doing well, she pointed out that they were always booked in 2022. This means that they were able to make money in 2022.

Who is Pleasure tsa Manyalo?

According to Utube, Pleasure Ramadimetja Peta, famously known for her stage name, Pleasure tša manyalo, is a renowned manyalo artist who rose to through music.


I think that Dr Winnie Mashaba and Pleasure tsa Manyalo are two great artists who are very talented and deserve all the recognition.

Dr Winnie Mashaba also wished her fellow artists a great 2023 year. We wish them all the best for this coming year.

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Source credit: Facebook