Dr Sindi had her own family and it’s not you- A lady fumes as others say Dr Sindi paid them a visit

Public figures end up belonging to everyone who becomes their fan base, and that is something that their families have to accept. However, it does not mean that people should not draw boundaries. Remember that there is a reason why reporters always wait for the family of a deceased public figure before sharing more information about their passing. We can share them, but their families must always be respected.



Dr. Sindi Van Zyl was a well-known physician, radio DJ, columnist, health activist, and researcher who touched many people’s lives. We cannot deny that her passing touched masses of people, and some of us learnt from her passing that a fan base can love a public figure as if they grew up in one house.

It turns out that there is a woman who resembles the late Dr Sindi Van Zyl, and that woman happened to share her photo while on vacation in Zimbabwe last night. The photo was taken from her back, and all people could see was Dr. Sindi. For that, they ended up claiming that the late superwoman’s spirit was visiting them. Others even claimed that her spirit was felt.

Those claims, which were meant to be fictional, did not sit well with other Twitter users. It is the reason why a lady called Zinhle told them Dr Sindi also had her own family, and none of the people claiming her visit are part of that family, so there is no way that she would pay them a visit. She thinks this whole performance that they were doing was triggering people who were actually close to Dr Sindi. She also believes that it is not even good for the lady who is being compared to the late Dr Sindi.

Follow the tweet: https://twitter.com/zintlemyoli/status/1548590150808109058?s=20&t=bStE7272iMk7DDvwsUoJFw

It is understandable that Dr Sindi was a person who lived for others, but I do not find it normal to see strangers going around claiming that her spirit was on social media. We do know that Twitter has done a lot of things for many people, but at some point, people have to have some boundaries.