Dr Shawn Mkhize is enjoying the sunny weather overseas.

It is important to have money and no one should tell you otherwise. There are certain things that you can’t have in this world without money. Living alone is not an option without money. It opens up to a different world that only people with money can see.

Dr Shawn Mkhize comes from money but also worked very hard to be where she is today. The businesswoman and reality star has made a huge name for herself all over the world. MamMkhize lives a luxurious lifestyle. We’ve never seen her repeat an outfit since we’ve known her. Everyday is a photoshoot for her.






It’s currently winter in South Africa and the businesswoman wasn’t having it. She packed up and went on a holiday where it is hot. She has been having the best time of her life. She shared breathtaking pictures of herself in a blue powerful. She has her legs out to play, making the pictures even more beautiful.