Dr Phophi Ramathuba Dragged After King Mswati Allegedly Assaulted His Wife | See This

According to reports, King Mswati has allegedly assaulted his 3rd wife Sibonelo Mngometulu, and it is reported that Sibonelo Mngometulu is currently receiving medical treatment in a South African hospital after she was rushed to South Africa after King Mswati allegedly assaulted her.

However, a lot of people are responding to the news of King Mswati allegedly assaulting his 3rd wife Sibonelo Mngometulu in an unexpected way, because a lot of people are responding by dragging Limpopo Health MEC Dr Phophi, as they responded by questioning if Sibonelo Mngometulu will be confronted like Dr Phophi Ramathuba confronted the alleged illegal foreigner from Zimbabwe in a hospital in Bela Bela.

A lot of people on social media site Twitter are debating if Sibonelo Mngometulu should also be confronted for being a foreigner that is using the South African health care system, but people are defending her by saying that she is going to pay for the health care unlike many illegal foreigners, just look at what some people are saying on Twitter…




“I suppose that a certain health MEC won’t be at her hospital bed to tell her she’s not running a charity.”

“Correct,. Because the Queen will be in a private hospital Paying for services.”

“She is not somewhere in Bela Bela Hospital she is going to Private Hospital where they will pay Money”

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