Dr Musa’s wife Liesl-Mtombeni spoils her “ouma” with a new ride for her birthday

The woman who is married to Dr Musa Mthombeni’s by the name of Liesl Laurie-Mtombeni has just spoiled her “Ouma” with a new a new car for her birthday celebration.

This woman who is known as a beauty queen from Eldorado Park and was raised by Ouma Lola who is referred to as her mother was a drug addict.



However the woman actually recovered from the addiction in 2015 and when Liesl was actually crowned the Miss South Africa.

This is a very good gesture to do because it shows just how much a person appreciates the people who raised them, and this is something that most people in the Republic of South Africa should learn to do.

This young lady has led as a model for many people who actually look up to, and believe that they can actually do the same thing for their own parents, or for the people that raised them.

Source: Twitter