Dr Musa Mthombeni and his wife Liesel cause a frenzy with their recent pictures in aprons.

Men will do just about anything to see their women happy. It is quiet amusing because they are very proud and will not be found doing things that they don’t like. But for their women, they are willing to fight a lion if needed. That goes to show just how much they love.




Dr Musa Mthombeni has put himself out there when it comes to his wife Liesel Laurie. If there’s one person who loves his wife openly and loud, it is him. Liesel and the rest of Mzansi know just how much he loves her because he tells and shows her. The Dr and television presenter makes it a point to let the world know just he much he loves her.

The couple visited Musa’s parents. The Dr shared beautiful pictures of them in aprons while in kitchen helping his mother cook. It’s Musa wearing the apron an pouting, that had his fans going bananas.