Dr Musa Mthombeni and his wife leave their fans speechless with their vacation pictures.

Gone are the times where we wait until we are old and retired, to star eating our money. Now we go while we can. We take our partners and see their world through each other’s eyes. It might be a small thing but it is big to a couple.

Dr Musa Mthombeni has made if very clear how much he loves his wife. The former yotv presenter is very big when it comes to his wife, Liesel Laurie. He is not only a doctor but he also a television presenter. We don’t blame him because it it his first love. 





Him and his wife are currently in Thailand for a baecation. He shared breathtaking pictures of them together. We can’t wait for the both get up. We are sure that we are in for a supplier. His fans couldn’t stop gushing over them. They nailed the routine became how.