Dr. Maweni admitting that he really be bewitched her ex boyfriend Siyabonga Zulu

Dr. Maweni admitting that she really bewitched Siyabonga Zulu which is her baby daddy.

to find out more about this you must watch Dr Stan’s show on Channel 202 in dstv psl channel.

Siyabonga woes began when he failed to pay child support for his child with Gogo Maweni. Gogo Maweni and Siyabonga reportedly first crossed paths on Instagram.


They hit it off online and decided to meet in person. Although the two were an unlikely couple, their romance took off and they began dating.

if you say that you are listening carefully in this show, Dr Maweni is heard saying that he will not cheat on the father of his child Andaman and drink wine with his devil but if he cheats he will not do that.

but in fact we are human until we can have peace we must be fine because living in the past thing that happens hurts us and we all get hurt but we need to forgive ourselves in order to move on and live in peace.