Dr Malinga confirm that he is currently getting donations from the Chillers of MacG podcast

He is grateful

The platform has opened more doors for him because they know what he is currently going through. Dr Malinga admitted that he has problems and if he had money, he would have fixed his problems a long time ago.

Dr Malinga has taken it to social media this morning to share that him, MacG and Sol have been getting many notifications from the Chillers who wants to help him financially. The true fans were not impressed how Dr Malinga has been finding it hard to make it in life financially.



Fans on social media have replied that they were motivated and inspired by his interview. They say he has been entertaining them for many years now and they will be glad to donate, in order foe him to get his career back on track. I love how South Africans are will to help Dr Malinga, this is interesting and heartwarming.

Dr Malinga did a great thing by going to the podcast and telling all his fans about what was happening to his life, now people will be helping him. Dr Malinga says Musa Khawula did a good job by telling everyone about what SARS was doing at his house, he says he made a lot of things easier for him.

Dr Malinga has always been donating school uniform for young children all over South Africa. Giving is what he is used to do, now it is time for us as a country to be there for him. MacG and Sol and the whole of fans are a true blessing to Dr Malinga, hopefully he will be releasing new music soon.

Dr Malinga will now tell a different story with a smile on his face after he paid all his debts, with the help from his fans.

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