Dr. Gogo Maweni issued a severe warning to anyone who wishes to be with her husband Sabelo: Video

Dr. Gogo Maweni is a popular South African doctor, consultant, entrepreneur, and social media influencer, as well as a television personality. Gogo’s exact date of birth is not yet revealed on the internet. According to the sources, Gogo is believed to have been born in the years between 1988 and 1992 in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. As per her IG profile, she runs Gogo Herbal Store in South Africa. Apart from this, she also provides Alternative & Holistic Health services.

South African citizens were left speechless and stunned after seeing a video of Dr. Gogo Maweni warning South African citizens in the video. In the video that has been making the rounds on Twitter and Tiktok, Dr. Gogo Maweni sends a warning to anybody who is thinking of being with her husband Sabelo.







I would like to teach you one trick if my man is cheating. Since everybody knows that Sabelo is my husband, and I’m not going to fight for him with you because we have got social media, your pictures, and your names, I will deal with you at midnight. I don’t fight with girls anymore, so I’m asking you what you want from my man. It’s 2022, so I will wait for midnight and then deal with you, “Gogo Maweni stated.”

Some of the South African citizens left their views regarding her warning in the comments. Below are some of the comments that were made by South African citizens regarding the doctor’s warning.

I’m feeling very sorry for innocent ladies who will fall for her man, and I pray that man better not play with other people‚Äôs kids because he knows what his wife is capable of doing. Instead of dealing with the perpetrator (husband) with whom you sleep, you choose to concentrate on the other woman. When will women wake up and realize that men are also victims?

And she’s not joking. Most women would rather deal with a girl than a husband. It’s better to stay away from other people’s men, even if the lady is busy contradicting herself. The moment she said I don’t fight for a man, I thought she would say I just move on.

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