Dr Colbert Mukwevho Finds Love And Get Slammed On Social Media For Dating A Young Girl

Every person needs companionship, we all need to have that special person who is close to our hearts, the person whom when we think of, our hearts skips a beat, the one person you love with all your heart, mind and soul and they say love covers all, love is kind, love has no age limit, it known no boundaries, once you fall in love, you forget everything and love takes over. Dr Colber Mukwevho seems to agree that indeed, it has no age limit, as long as two hearts beat at the same pace, the people love each other and they have a lot in common, why not try something out?

One of the most celebrated reggea artists in South Africa, Dr Rudzani Colbert Mukwevho who is dubbed to be the King of Venda Reggae music lost his wife Julia Mukwevho who died in May 2020 after a short illness, she was laid to rest in June 2020 leaving the Venda Reggae King a widower, but it seems the Dr has put past the passing of his wife and he seem have found love and this time it looks like he has gone for a younger woman.




Social media was buzzing over the weekend after a video emerged where Mukwevho was travelling with a younger girl who is believed to be his girlfriend and people are expressing different feelings over the video, some are now using some of the lyrics in one of of his songs where he was simply discouraging people from having romantic relationships with people older than they are.

Despite the video, there is also a picture which is trending on social media, Mukwevho and his girlfriend are seen wearing matching outfit, they were rocking beautiful blue Adidas track suits, you could early see that the two are so in love, but people are nat happy, some are happy for him.

Some people are happy that the 56 year old has finally moved on after losing his wife a few years back, but some are disappointed thst he is going out with a girl young enough to be his kid, some are saying the girl is younger than Mukwevho’s first born Percy Mukwevho who is 34 Year Old.

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