Down the memory lane, Riky Rick’s old message resurfaces and mzansi is concerned

Riky Rick is gone but his legacy will live forever, through his music. We know for sure death is everyone’s fate but to see Riky taking his own life was something that broke our hearts and nothing, absolutely nothing can replace Riky in this world.

Recently, Riky’s wife Bianca did a tattoo of her late husband and mzansi was shocked, as always. You know how people are, they always have something to say even though their opinions don’t count in many cases.

SA Music Mag goes down the memory lane and shared a picture of Riky Rick and his wife from a post that riky published in 2016, a message that was directed to his wife Bianca. In the post, Riky spoke of Bianca as a woman who has been there for him when he was nothing, recalling how she gave him R100 so he could go to studio and record his album.


However mzansi is not happy with the post because at the end Riky chose to leave Bianca although he described her as such an amazing person. May his soul continue to rest in peace.