Double Tragedy For Mampintsha’s Family As Mother Dies After Short Illness

ZamaNguni Gumede, Mampintsha’s mother, fell just a few month after the demise of her famous son.

She died away at the age of 64 on Sunday evening at Wentworth hospital after a long battle with illness.

Pinki Gumede, her sister, confirmed the news of her untimely death after hearing it.

She said that she had gone to see her throughout the day.

“When I left, it seemed like she was handling things well. Her sense of humour had us laugh so hard that we were crying. So, she was in good spirits, and I thought she was doing great on her way out the door.” They finished by saying “Pinki.”

However, this did not turn out to be the situation, and a few hours later she was summoned back to the hospital.

“A call came in from the hospital just as I was getting comfortable for the night. After learning that she had inquired about our attendance, I was admonished to visit her as soon as possible and told that she had requested our presence. When I arrived, I found her surrounded by a number of medical personnel who were working to resuscitate her condition as she was connected up to a number of tubes “The meaning of what she meant was made more clear by her.

“It is now abundantly evident that she intended to give us a proper farewell before she departed us. She admitted her elderly age and then informed everyone that she was going to leave. She inquired as to whether or not everyone was there, and I informed her that everyone was there.




She was on the hunt for Sponge, who is Mampintsha’s son, but I was unable to help her find him. Her eyes were filled with pain, yet she did not utter a word in response. We spent some time with her and she blessed us. After that, we hung out with her. After that, each of us went our own ways. I received a call in the late evening, maybe around 10 o’clock, informing me that she had gone away earlier in the day “Pinki went on.

She went on to say that this is twice as terrible. “Definitely not going to make it; for me, it’s like having two swords in one. In the space of a month, I said goodbye to two people who were very dear to me and were also part of my family. The fact that we do not have the resources necessary to deal with this makes the situation much more precarious. Mampintsha was the one in charge of anything that had to do with policy. Despite the fact that time was not on our side, we continued to make an attempt to sort things up “Pinki stated.

Mampintsha’s mother hadn’t been in good health for a very long time at this point. Her condition progressively worsened once Mampintsha was no longer with her. Due to the fact that she was unable to walk on her own, she had to be physically carried from one location to another.

She booked at the Wentworth hotel in the days that followed Mampintsha’s funeral.

After a very short bout with sickness, Mampintsha’s mother sadly died away.