” Don’t die please we love you ” Fans react to TNS threatens to kill himself

TNS has taken it to social media pages to announce that before he kills himself he wants to release one song for his fans. This came as a shock because he is not the only artist in South Africa who wants to end his life. TNS is a Dj and his music is being played all over the country. What could be the main of him wanting to kill himself, as he said that things are very hard. It has also been a while since he released good music to his fans


TNS has been through a lot in the entertainment industry, from being embarrassed by Prince Kaybee on social media to standing up on his own and people still loves him. TNS was introduced by Prince Kaybee into the music industry, Prince Kaybee really believed in him and they also did a song together which was a hit. TNS definitely needs to be checked on whether he is doing good or not, because he might be having a depression which is dangerous.

Fans have begged him not to take his life. Some have sent beautiful comments to him claiming that they love him and they still need him to make music. I think all the comments by his fans might motivate him not end his life, because it will make him realize how he changed people’s lives with his music. I also have to say that these artists go through a lot because they do not really get the support they need from the department of arts and culture. Things have not been the same for them since the