Donald posted these pictures on social media and people noticed this

Donald is a South Africa singer who is one of the greatest singer in South Africa with a number of hit songs that he released, including ” the love i know i deserve” and many more others.

To prove that Donald is one of the best singers in South Africa he has even been a guest judge on South African idols, which is on of the best singing competition shows in South Africa.




However recently Donald posted pictures on social media as he was performing. Looking at these pictures that he posted you could clearly see that people were having a wonderful day here.

However people on social media noticed something in these pictures which had them asking many questions. People on social media noticed that Donald was performing here holding a black mic.

During the past few years we have seen that in every event that Donald was performing on he always performed using a red mic. People on social media were asking Donald here what happened to that red mic he used to perform with. Some people on social media were even saying that the red mic was stolen.

Here are some of the comment that people on social media made after seeing these pictures that Donald posted on social media.