Does this confirm that Lorch is the baby daddy to Natasha. See what he posted and blocked comments.

Natasha Thahane is a young South African actress. She received government funding to study abroad in order to obtain her qualification as an entertainer and artist. She made her name as Thabo Maputla’s university girlfriend in Skeem Saam, and she is now acting in a Netflix series.

Natasha was dating Thembinkosi Lorch, a professional football player. He is a striker for the Pirates, one of the most prestigious soccer teams in the world. Lorch is also well-known because he was the man of the match when South Africa’s Bafana Bafana played with Egypt, and he made the country proud.







Lorch and Natasha were outspoken about their relationship until they took down their photos from social media. They were said to have broken up, and since Natasha announced her pregnancy, many people have doubted Lorch’s paternity.

Lorch posed with a bouquet of pink roses beside him in a recent Instagram post. He appeared to be attractive, but what was surprising was that Natasha shared the same bouquet of roses on her Instagram stories. Lorch turned off the comment section on the photo he posted, which drew attention.

This could indicate that Natasha and Lorch have reconciled or that they have never separated. It may also reveal that Lorch is the biological father of Natasha’s child.

Perhaps the two deleted their relationship from social media to gain privacy and avoid public scrutiny of their relationship. This could all be a coincidence, but if they’re still together, we wish them happiness in their relationship and with their pregnancy.

Do you think this proves that the two are still in a relationship and that he is indeed the father of Natasha’s first child?

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Source: Instagram (@thembinkosilorch and @natasha_thahane)